Nor-Cal Inferno Wrestling

a non-profit youth wrestling program dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of wrestling while fostering work ethic, accountability, and respect


We're excited to announce that as of August 2018, Linden Youth Wrestling has a new name and practice location! We are now Nor-Cal Inferno Wrestling and practice at St. Mary's High School in Stockton CA.  


Your wrestler will be evaluated by coaches during the first weeks of practice. Based on work ethic, experience, ability to learn, and readiness to compete in tournaments, they will be placed in one of two practice groups. Please check the calendar for practice dates and times. 

CLICK HERE FOR MAP to St. Mary's HS Wrestling Room.

Black Group:   These are advanced competitive wrestlers with 2+ years of experience. Coaches expect black group wrestlers to attend every practice to ensure their wrestling partners can learn without disruption. These wrestlers will travel to out-of-town tournaments and will compete at League Zones and State.  

Green Group:   These are beginning to intermediate competitive wrestlers. Coaches expect green group wrestlers to attend every practice to ensure their wrestling partners can learn without disruption. These wrestlers have the option to compete at tournaments and at League Zones at the coach's discretion.

General Rules and Expectations

  • No STREET shoes are allowed on the wrestling mats. No WRESTLING shoes are allowed OFF the mat. Wrestlers need to wear street shoes or sandals to and from practice and change to/from their wrestling shoes in the wrestling room. This prevents unwanted germs from spreading.
  • No food or drinks, except water, are allowed in the wrestling room. No exceptions!
  • Parents and siblings are not allowed in the wrestling room during Black Group team practices. This allows our competitive wrestlers to focus exclusively on the instruction. We ask that parents drop their athletes off or sit outside. Please be assured that your child's safety is our highest priority! Feel free to reach out to the coaches with questions or concerns.
  • Wrestlers need to arrive on time for practice so the rest of the team is not disrupted and to ensure proper warm-up & stretching.

what to wear

  • gym shorts or sweats
  • t-shirt
  • wrestling shoes (NO street shoes)
  • head gear (optional)

where to purchase

Wrestling shoes and head-gear can be purchased at Big 5 Sporting Goods,  Dick's Sporting Goods, Sports Authority, and/or other sporting goods stores. Please contact your local store to ensure they carry what you want prior to making a special trip.