Nor-Cal Inferno Wrestling

a non-profit youth wrestling program dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of wrestling while fostering work ethic, accountability, and respect


Our Program offers children, ages 5-14, with an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of wrestling while fostering core values that extend well beyond the sport.

Accountability:   Wrestling is a one-on-one sport where actions (both in practice and in competition) directly impact your success. Our kids learn very quickly that strong work ethic, focus, and willingness to learn yields favorable results.

Respect:    At tournaments wrestlers are required to shake hands with their opponent both before and after each match. Linden wrestlers are also required to shake the opposing coach's hand after each match. We ALL support our team members at ALL times, we are graceful in defeat, and we are humble in victory - No Exceptions.

Program Information

Minimum Age:   5 (must be five prior to first practice)

Maximum Age:   14 (cannot be in high school)

Season:   October - February

Practices:   3-4 times per week (depending on age and experience)

Competition:   Weekly tournaments on Sundays


Each year our team is comprised of young athletes of varying ability and experience. We pair our wrestlers with teammates of similar ability and/or experience at practice (as well as by age and weight). We simply ask that wrestlers show up to practice focused and ready to learn. With that attitude we can provide the tools and environment to learn the sport of wrestling while promoting positive character traits.